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KRAH Group and HyoSeong Electric took over HKR Seuffer Automotive

German-South Korean partnership opens new markets for HKR Automotive
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KRAH Group and HyoSeong Electric took over HKR Seuffer Automotive

02. Apr. 2019 /

The KRAH group of companies from Drolshagen, North Rhine-Westphalia, and the South Korean company HyoSeong have taken over the business operations of HKR Seuffer Automotive GmbH & Co. KG. Since 1 April 2019, the company has been operating under the new name HKR Automotive. This also includes a share in the Chinese joint venture Shanghai Krah Seuffer Electronics.

Since 1990, HKR has been developing and producing power electronics for the automotive industry, especially for interior ventilation and air conditioning, radiator fans and electrified auxiliaries. HKR's customers include well-known OEMs and suppliers in Europe, Asia and the USA. At two German locations in Kupferzell and Bitterfeld-Wolfen, HKR employs a total of approx. 180 people and generates annual sales of approx. 40 million euros.
In addition, HKR is involved in the German-Chinese joint venture SKS (Shanghai Krah Seuffer Electronics), where electronic components and controllers for the automotive industry are developed, produced and sold to the Asian market. The investment in SKS was also taken over by HKR Automotive as of April 1.


New growth opportunities

KRAH is the global market leader for wirewound power resistors in the automotive industry, especially for use in air conditioning applications and ignition systems. The Group's also produces power resistors for the growing e-mobility market. Here, KRAH primarily manufactures pre- and discharge resistors for battery management, on-board charging circuits and high-performance resistors for braking systems.
"With the takeover of HKR's business operations, we now offer our customers the full range of products for air conditioning applications in passenger cars, from resistors to MPM and resistance relay modules to PWM controllers, and consolidate our position in the global automotive market. In addition, we are opening up perspectives for new fields of application and markets, for example in e-mobility," says Thomas Klein, Managing Director Sales of the KRAH Group.

HyoSeong manufactures motors for automotive applications, in particular blower motors for air conditioning applications, as well as motors for use in power steering, ABS and parking brakes. The Korean company has been working with HKR since 2015 to jointly develop integrated controllers for engines used in interior air conditioning applications.
"In HyoSeong, we have found a competent partner for the successful continuation of HKR's business operations," says Christian Hermann, Managing Director of the KRAH Group. "HKR has a lot of valuable know-how, which we will jointly expand within the framework of the partnership with HyoSeong in order to generate further growth and strengthen our technological leadership. With the takeover of HKR, the KRAH Group is improving its market position in the automotive and e-mobility sectors. We see ourselves very well positioned for the future".

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